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Had I listened to Joan in the beginning, I would have saved myself three years and a lot of heartache. On my first visit, Joan tuned in her psychic ability to answer my questions. I was suddenly single and had a chance to date either of two ladies. “She’s not for you,” Joan said about the first one. “She’s definitely not for you, either,” Joan said about Number Two. Both assessments stunned me: on paper, the women were ideal. “The woman for you will be short. You haven’t met her yet.” Human nature being what it is, I disregarded her advice and developed what appeared to be a great relationship with Number Two. We took off to live abroad, visited exotic Eastern holy places, all on my dime—until I discovered she was plotting to meet someone behind my back. The predictable messy break-up ensued. On my next trip to Los Angeles, I made an appointment with Joan and apologized. She had been right. And she still is. I’ve since met the “short” lady and we’re now planning a future together.
RF—formerly of Saugus



Thank you Santa Clarita for voting me Best Reiki Practitioner

I consider this a great honor to be acknowledged for doing what I consider to be my Life’s Purpose. I appreciate you for taking the time to vote for me. For all of you out there who have carried a dream in your heart of what you really wish you were doing in life, I want to say you can do it. I have carried this dream in my heart since I was a little kid and although it took me until I was in my 40’s I have done it. I am living that dream. So, Thank all of you who have allowed me to share this gift with you.

So what can Reiki do for you? Reiki is not a New Age alternate form of healing. Reiki has been around for several Thousand years. Fortunately it was rediscovered in the mid 1800’s and brought over from Japan in the 1920’s. Reiki is now in over 100 hospitals in the U.S. and works beautifully with Western medicine. Reiki is a complete body healing. It recognizes the root cause of symptoms or disease and treats the body as a whole Physical, Emotion, and Mental.

Right now, so many different aspects of our life are filled with stress because of the uncertainty of the housing market, Wall Street, the increase in Unemployment rates, etc. and this affects our health and relationships, not to mention, our body. All of these issues and more can be dealt with only when the energy flow in our body is open and working the way it was meant to.
Reiki can bring you balance, inner peace, guidance and release all of the stress we tend to carry with us as we try to make it through the day. Reiki can work on any health issues or aches and pains that you might have. It will raise your vibration and put your body back in harmony, the way it was intended to perform, which will allow you the clarity and the ability to choose the right answer or direction for you at this time. When you have balance and inner peace you are able to make the right choices for you in any area of your life that will be for your highest and best good.

The time has come for all to take care of themselves. We all need to keep our vehicles (our bodies) open and running smoothly. They need adjustments from time to time so we can keep them tuned into peace and harmony. This balance is paramount in our lives.

The list below is only a sample of the most observed possibilities:

1. Aches, pains, disease, and chronic illness decrease or vanish.
2. You feel a flood of calmness in what used to be chaos.
3. You have a noticeable increase in energy and basically just feel great!
4. Certain aspects of relationships will now be viewed from a healthier            perspective. You may often not be happy about what you discover but can decide to make some positive changes. This can lead to a real state of improved happiness. Negative patterns can surface prompting new approaches to life and relationships. Again, the outcome is always good!
5. Exercise will call you to action and you begin reaching for healthier foods.
6. Your sleep becomes restful and satisfying.
7. You notice bursts of energy in times of lethargy.
8. The usual button pushing situations begin to lose their power, returning you back to a normal relaxed state much quicker.
9. You feel more serene and trusting in life. You worry far less and trust far more.
10. The most stubborn problems are replaced with simple solutions.
11. People and life suddenly appear much more supportive. You generally become more peaceful and serene.
I am a Reiki Master Teacher who offers Reiki sessions, and I also offer Reiki classes, and Karuna Reiki classes.